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"At last! A voice of reason! Chris delivers a perfectly balanced view of why we need less in our lives and how clutter manifests itself in our home and careers. Peeling back the layers of why we fill our lives with busyness and so much stuff and how we can free ourselves from its burden was a complete revelation"

Dawn W, NatWest


Helping talented professionals be less busy and have more impact

In a world full of overconsumption and overwork, Chris Lovett’s simple approach to fast paced modern life has injected much needed hope back into peoples careers.

Being excessively busy has become nothing more than a status symbol.


It's an easy trap to fall into, being busy feels like you're in demand, needed, wanted. But half the stuff we're busy doing, doesn't really make that much difference.


Busyness, studies have found, is rarely an indication of productivity and when you throw in the risk that overworking can lead to health issues like impaired sleep, depression, heavy drinking, diabetes, impaired memory and heart disease, busyness seems like more of a hazard than anything else.


As one of the leading voices in the less is more minimalist movement, Chris has become an in-demand talent, supporting individuals and teams to unlock their potential by becoming more with less. 


Chris's progressive minimalist approach is quickly becoming the antidote to the to-do list treadmill. Supporting organisations with wellbeing, leadership, productivity and change strategies to eliminate the toxic hustle, clutter, complexity and burnout cultures rapidly sweeping through homes and businesses.



Less Busy More Impact - Minimalist Mindset - Productivity - Wellbeing - Imposter Syndrome - Performance - Fulfilling Careers




Employees are sounding the alarm with overworking estimated to be the cause of more deaths than Malaria. We're doing more but is it better? Business as usual is quickly being replaced by business as UNusual.

Our current 'always on' view of success is becoming redundant and we now need to find more sustainable ways to live and work better.

I have designed a set of minimalist tools and exercises to prevent burnout, evolve mindsets, build high performing teams by being less busy and having more impact.



Inspire at scale. 

A wellbeing app and desktop yoga won't reduce the workload.

In times layered in chaos and constant change, mindfulness has levelled up to something more radical. Something more disruptive. Something more counterintuitive. Something we are never taught and maybe even discouraged to do. ⁠It's time to navigate a new era and the answer to achieving unique modern success in an ever changing landscape starts by fine tuning the ability to simplify, experiment and let go.

I share my story of letting go of everything and explain the rewards of a less is more approach to life and work.





Each year, I work with a small number of individuals on a 1-1 basis to support them with their goals. 

Whether you are looking to change old habits, declutter your home, switch careers, evolve as an entrepreneur, business leader or just unsubscribe from the same old mindset, coaching can be the most powerful investment you can make in yourself that will reward and enrich you over and over and over again.

Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own way, get off the to-do list treadmill  and start designing the life and career that you want. Because if you don't do it soon, someone else will do it for you.

Within us, we all have the potential to tell a story, is it time you now told yours?.




"Thank you Chris for running a virtual session with our team. We really enjoyed your story and the experiences you brought resonated with many of us, encouraging us to think beyond the extra "stuff" we own and also question what is stopping us from letting go of it to live a more minimalist life. Your open and relatable approach ensured the session was relaxing and interactive. It really helped me think about the next steps in decluttering both with physical items but also in other aspects of my life such as my inbox, the number of meetings I have etc. All in all a great session!"

Lisa C, PwC

"At last a voice of reason! Chris delivers a perfectly balanced view of why we need sustainability and less in our lives and how clutter manifests itself in a physical, career, digital and mental form. Peeling back the layers of why we fill our lives with busyness and so much stuff and how we can free ourselves from its burden was a complete revelation"

Dawn W, NatWest

“Over lockdown we began working with motivational speakers to help encourage and educate our people during a challenging time. Chris was offering something different with minimalism and I didn’t know what to expect when we booked him, but he did not disappoint. Chris delivered his session remotely and unlike many online talks, he was engaging and drove a dialogue with his audience. The session was very interactive with Chris encouraging us to apply minimalist principles while on the session. He was a breath of fresh air and got us all to think about how we live and work in a new sustainable way. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a speaker in to help motivate staff or on a personal level, anyone looking to understand more about the benefits of living with less.”

Vanessa C, SEC Newgate UK and Board Member at Insurance United Against Dementia

"I really enjoyed your session today, I will be using a number of the techniques you suggested to stop myself from getting excessively busy and allowing things to escalate"

Graham L, LV Insurance

"I would like to thank Chris for delivering a session on Imposter Syndrome which was excellent because of the quality of the information provided and how he used his coaching skills to really get the group thinking, listening and sharing thoughts and experiences. Thanks Chris we really appreciate it"

Audrey D, Ulster Bank

"I actually feel less brain cluttered now. You have inspired me and when people ask what made me change i'll forever be thankful to you."

Carly, Virgin Money

"Before my 1 -1 coaching Session I had no idea how to shift careers, but since speaking with Chris I delved into what my values are and I am now using them to guide my career journey. So much so I am helping my husband set up his own business and create a website for him. Chris has helped me to open my eyes to the wider world and realise there is so much more I can learn or do to have a happy life journey! Thanks Chris!"

Sarah W, 1-1 Coaching Client

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